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Our Founder 

- Timothy Briscoe, Founder

The Road Kings and Queens, Inc. is a organization that creates content thorough social media to motivate, educate, and entertain men and women of the trucking industry, also the faith base community. My goal is to vlog about the everyday life of a trucker and my walk with the lord to empower, encourage, and enrich the lives of my fellow Road Kings and Queens.


I've been a trucker for 21 years. During that time, I've been (OTR) over the road and local driver. I grew up in a Baptist church where I served on a number of committees, such as ushering and Choir. I also served as a Deacon and Youth Director for several years.


I follow a lot of truck youtubers and I am apart of many trucking groups on social media. Although I think that all these groups and youtubers are good and provide great information, none of them create content for the faith-based community. This is why I created this platform.


I am a child of God and not ashamed of my walk with the Lord and His power to guide us.  My goal is to provide content on how to get into the trucking industry, networking opportunities, inspiration and more!

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